An incredible network of caring and loving individuals have united to become VIVA, Volunteers for Indigent and Vulnerable Animals, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to increase animal awareness; reduce animal overpopulation by spay and neutering; help indigent animals and provide a structured network of care to adopt the animals ready for forever homes.

Over the years, and with the help of many dedicated rescue volunteers, much has been done to improve the life of animals in San Felipe. But much more needs to be done! VIVA is here to do just that. Minimize animal suffering with affordable animal care. Educate the community on animal welfare and the need for sterilization. Adopt animals to caring homes.

How You Can Help...

We encourage event guests to bring donations. Here are some suggested items needed:

                        - Dog food and treats

                        - Leashes and collars

                        - Dog beds

                        - Dog toys

                        - Hoses and spray nozzles

                        - Kiddy swimming pools

                        - Medical supplies

                        - Money


Money donations will help with spay and neutering, medications and veterinarian fees.

For more information on rescue and adoption or how you can help please visit the VIVA website.


There are many ways to support this cause. Donate. Volunteer. Adopt. Join a community of love. Help us improve the condition of San Felipe animals.

Once again this year San Felipe Songwriters Festival (SFSF)

is supporting VIVA (Volunteers for Indigent Vulnerable Animals)

San Felipe's incredible animal rescue organization.

Your donation will stay in San Felipe.

This is Cinnabon, a VIVA success story, rescued from the street, just a few weeks old with a fishing line tight around her neck. Today she is healthy, happy and loved in her new forever home.

Cinnabon at one year old