Parrot Head motto: "Party with a Purpose"

We contribute fundraising & volunteer hours (PH power) to specific

charities and organizations while we socialize and have PHun!

What the heck is a Parrot Head ?

Parrot Heads come from a variety of backgrounds

Most are professionals

Average age is mid-20s to mid-60s

Club membership numbers vary greatly, average is 150

Baja Parrot Head Club is a SOCIAL club that engages in activities that are charitable, educational and that promote the general welfare of our community.

We come from all walks of life and are drawn together for friendship with those who love the music & lifestyle that is portrayed through the music of Jimmy Buffett.

Here in Baja, we are mostly retired Americans and Canadians who love Mexico, the Sea of Cortez, Trop Rock music and all things tropical.


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our charitable works and activities in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico.